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It’s all in the name: the bazz.10 has a 10 liter pressure boiler (and the bazz.30 a 30 liter boiler).


A good start is half the work! Discover the bazz. 150 and start your baking process with perfectly greased baking tins and trays.


The bazz.200 has the advantages of the 150, is easy to move and available with 4, 6 or 8 nozzles.


It’s all in the name: the bazz.30 has a 30 liter pressure boiler (and the bazz.10 has a 10 liter boiler).


Choose the compact bazz.40 for effortless and perfect spraying directly from the container. Indispensable in both small and larger bakkeries.


Do you prefer to work with 2 spray guns? Then the bazz.45 is the right choice!


Enjoy working with the ready-to-use bazz.50. Just plug it in and start working!
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