Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are products specifically for bus bread and, for example, pound cake

Bazz. has an extensive range of equipment for both the traditional and semi-industrial bakery, e.g. a bazz.150 or bazz.200

All Zeelandia release agents are vegetable and neutral in taste

Zeelandia recommends a Carlex type for the brake proofer, these work well

Applying release agent is important, too little is not good, but too much is not good and not necessary. Too much loosening can be detrimental to the crust.

Ovex can be easily applied, manually with a bazz.10 or bazz.30, semi-automatically with a bazz.600.

Ovex is supplied as a powder that you can make yourself, or as a ready-to-use tetra pack of 1 or 10 liters.

Prepared Ovex or an open package can be stored in the refrigerator.

Yes, Ovex can be used on industrial production lines, ask bazz about the possibilities.

It is best to apply it before baking, then you will have the most optimal shine on your product.

Tiger paste is suitable for white, brown, whole wheat and small bread.

Tiger paste can be applied before or after post-rise.

Tiger paste is made from Zeelandia Tiger mix, it can be made manually or with a mixer.

Bazz. has a bazz.11 or bazz.33, to apply the tiger paste manually. There is also a bazz.3000 for industrial applications.

The viscosity of the prepared tiger paste is important for a beautiful pattern, firm gives a coarser structure, slightly less viscous gives a finer structure.

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