The bazz.40 is a compact spraying machine which makes spraying of products, trays and moulds easy and simple and is therefore a bakery machine that is essential in both small and mid-sized bakeries.
This compact and user-friendly bazz.40 sprays liquids, such as depanning oil or egg wash (or substitutes) accurately and with a minimum of mist and overspray. Because a storage kettle is no longer needed messing with bottles and jars, spilling and loss of product belong to the past. Spraying directly from the package is cleaner, more hygienic (easier to meet your HACCP requirements) and saves time.

Suitable for processing:

Depanning oil, Egg wash

Suggested Zeelandias brands:

Key features

  • Suction directly out of the package; no spilling or loss of product.
  • Consistent coverage with a minimum of mist and overspray.
  • Separate and stepless adjustment of air and liquid pressure.
  • Connectable to existing compressed air systems.
  • Clear operating panel with 2 pressure gauges.
  • Easy to operate, move, clean and maintain.
  • Hose can directly be inserted to the bag-in-box.
  • Undercarriage (optional).


Place the package with liquid product next to the machine. Insert the suction hose into the package (bag-in-box) and the bazz.40 is ready for use. This compact, user-friendly spraying machine sprays accurately with a minimum of mist and overspray. The fine tuning in the spray gun results in a consistent coverage. The bazz.40 is available with an air compressor and trolley, but can also be connected to your existing compressed air system.


Spray pressure: 0.5 – 3.2
Liquid pressure: 0.5 – 3.2
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