Bakon bakery machine supplier

Manufacturer of machinery for bakers

Bakon Food Equipment is a Dutch company known worldwide for its depositing, cutting and spraying machinery, supplying industrial confectioners, retailers and traditional bakers.


Food safety and quality are our priorities. Since beginning, 30 years ago, we have been investing continuously in innovation.

Problem solving

The work floor is where we learn. Thinking along with our clients and coming up with solutions – whether supplying equipment or delivering a turnkey project – is the key to Bakon’s success.

Custom-made solutions

Confectioners and bakers from all over the world come to us with their requests and together we make the machines they need. Speed, efficiency and safe and pleasant working conditions mean better production processes and better products.

Quality assurance

All our bakery and food equipement is designed with the highest hygienic standards in mind. Manufactured in our plant in Goes, in the Netherlands, we guarantee optimal quality within HACCP.

Global dealer network

Our bakery machines are sold globally and through our extensive dealer network we are offering our customers the service they require.

Since 1986

Bakon was founded in 1986 in ‘s-Heerenhoek, a small village near the town of Goes in the Netherlands. The introduction of a glaze spraying machine – designed and produced by the owners – was the beginning of Bakon Food Equipment.

The number of employees expanded as the number of machines grew. An international network of distributors and agents was built and sales offices around the world were opened up.

In 1992 the company moved to its current location in the industrial park De Poel in Goes. From this spacious building, that houses both offices and factory, further growth and development of the company took place.

Bakon worldwide

We have a worldwide presence with subsidiaries or dealers in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Mexico and Central and South America.

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