The bazz.11 is a compact machine that is very suitable for the application of tiger paste.
This compact and user friendly machine has a 10 liter pressure vessel and equipped with a set of hoses with pressure regulators, pressure gauges and a handgun with nozzle for tiger paste. The gauger indicate the liquid pressure at a glance. Filling is very fast because the top of the pressure vessel can easily be opened. The handgun has a wide flat nozzle that is suitable for the application of tiger paste.

Suitable for processing:

Tiger paste

Suggested Zeelandias brands:

bazz.11 machine

Key features

  • Pressure vessel of 10 liter.
  • Set of hoses with pressure regulators, gauges and handgun.
  • Wide flat nozzle for tiger paste.
  • Bracket to hold the spray gun (when not in use).
  • Fast filling because the top can easily be opened.
  • Undercarriage (option).


Lift the top of the pressure vessel and fill it easily with tiger paste, set the liquid pressure with the knobs on the pressure regulators and your bazz.11 is ready-to-use!


Capacity pressure vessel: 10 liter
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