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With bazz. you have found the ultimate partner to take your industrial bakery productions to new heights. The innovative Spraying Machines from bazz. are tailored to process recommended, high-quality ingredients. This unique combination of Spraying Machine and Glazing Agent guarantees end products with optimal shine and brilliance.

bazz. offers numerous benefits

bazz.600 machine

The cutting-edge bazz. 600

The bazz. 600 is a Disc Sprayer designed to apply a uniformly distributed layer of Glazing Agent, enabling the efficient provision of large product quantities. With minimal overspray and the ability to collect and reuse spray mist, your production becomes highly efficient.

The individual adjustment of the discs provides easy control over the spray product output, ensuring a consistent spray pattern on your products. The bazz. 600 is available with different pumps (depending on the application), and various conveyor belt choices including poly cords, slat top chain, wire mesh belt, or chain belt.

Ovex, the ultimate Glazing Agent

Ovex is an easy-to-apply Glazing Agent for your bakery, pastry (and food) products to provide a long-lasting shiny appearance and attractive color. At the same time, it provides protection and extends the shelf-life of your precious products.

Ovex is available in two options: a ready-to-use liquid and a powder. The liquid variant requires no additional preparation; the powder form can be easily diluted with water to achieve the desired consistency.

Machines by BAKON Food Equipment

BAKON – known for her innovative solutions and decades of experience – designs and manufactures industrial machinery for the bakery and food industry for worldwide customers. 

To realize worldwide sales BAKON works with an extended network of dealers; this enables clients to contact their nearby local agent directly.

Logo Zeelandia

Zeelandia is dedicated to supplying high-quality ingredients tailored for bread and pastry products, serving the needs of small, medium-sized, and industrial businesses. 

With an extensive global network, Zeelandia ensures that customers always have access to expert advice and solutions.

bazz. is a registered trademark that arose from the obvious collaboration between two leading Dutch companies in the bakery and food industry. Both companies have their roots in the Netherlands and operate worldwide.

Harmonizing innovative equipment and high-quality ingredients ensures major improvements to your industrial production processes.


Tailor-made solutions

bazz. has the expertise to deliver customized solutions that meet customer’s unique requirements and challenges.

Through extensive analysis and collaboration, bazz identifies customer’s needs and designs solutions to address them effectively. These tailor-made solutions cover all aspects, including machine optimization, ingredient selection, workflow, and process improvement.

Additionally, bazz’s ongoing support ensures the solution evolves with changing customer needs, maintaining peak performance and delivering long-term, sustainable results.



We offer intelligent solutions designed to optimize your production processes.
Simply contact Bazz through our app and find out how we can further help you.

bazz. is your trusted partner ensuring the smooth running of your operations.

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