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Work fast and clean with the bazz.600 and add the finishing touch to your products.


Enjoy working with the ready-to-use bazz.50. Just plug it in and start working!


Choose the compact bazz.40 for effortless and perfect spraying directly from the container. Indispensable in both small and larger bakkeries.


It’s all in the name: the bazz.30 has a 30 liter pressure boiler (and the bazz.10 has a 10 liter boiler).


It’s all in the name: the bazz.10 has a 10 liter pressure boiler (and the bazz.30 a 30 liter boiler).

BAKON’s machines

BAKON Food Equipment designs and manufactures bakery equipment and food equipment for spraying, depositing and cutting for industrial confectionery, retail, and traditional bakeries.

Logo Zeelandia

Zeelandia supplies bakery ingredients for bread, pastries and unloading. Ingredients and associated solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as industrial bakeries. Zeelandia has an extensive global network, so that advisors are always close to you.

bazz. is a registered trademark that arose from the obvious collaboration between two leading Dutch companies in the world of bakery. Both companies have their roots in the south of the Netherlands, but operate worldwide; BAKON Food Equipment, located in Goes, manufacturer of bakery equipment and Zeelandia based in Zierikzee, producer of bakery ingredients.

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bazz. maintenance contract

Periodic maintenance extends the life of your machines. Therefore, sign a maintenance contract of at least one year now and receive an extra 6 months.

Fill out the form and bazz. will contact you soon!

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