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Work fast and clean with the bazz.600 and add the finishing touch to your products!

The application of egg wash (or substitute) with the bazz.600 is done with no  overspray and no unnecessary loss of product.

Work fast, clean and efficient on the perfection of your products!

The individual adjustment of the discs makes it easy to regulate the output of the spraying product and ensures an even spraying pattern on your product. Constant high quality!

The bazz.600 is available with different pumps (depending on the application) and various conveyors. 

Product: egg wash (or substitute)

bazz.600 machine

Spray hood
The discs are adjustable through the operating panel on the side of the hood. The output of product can be adjusted per disc by means of valves (one valve per disc). The hood is executed with sealed drives and backpressure valve. Front and back side of the hood can be removed without tools.

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Conveyor belt
Consists of a full bed of polycords with a diameter of 6 mm and CTC distance of 25 mm. Scrapers on the cords remove the overspray. The speed of the belt is adjustable between
1 – 6 m/min.

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Control panel / Electrical cabinet
Equipped with all components to operate the conveyor, discs and pump.

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Impeller pump
Takes care of the constant circulation of the spray product in the system.

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Removable refrigerated collecting tank
A movable refrigerated collecting tank of 30 litre can easily be placed under the bazz.600. An eccentric disc pump is used instead of an impeller pump if the machine is operating over 8 hours per day.

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Key features


Products are transported under the spray hood on the conveyor belt. 

The speed of the conveyor belt and pump are adjustable. The pump takes care of the constant circulation of the spraying product in the system.

The rapidly spinning discs bring a thin film of egg wash on your product.

Overspray and loss of product is kept to a minimum. Overspray is collected in the integrated container. The bazz.600 is standard equipped with a 50 liter container.


Standard model
1600 x 1330 x 1120 mm (L x W x H)

Standard conveyor
500 x 600 x 900 mm (L x W x H)



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